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Who am I ?

Florent   VERRIER,
your instructor

Hello, My name is Florent Verrier, French instructor, PADI OWSI from 2015

IDC Staff Padi instructor (2016), many specialties and EFR first aid.

Graduated from:

  • Polynesian Professional Certificate diploma  (BPP GAPPN Plongée), 2018

  • DEJEPS E3 specialty: Sports Educator mention: Underwater diving activities, obtained year 2020


After discovering diving in the lagoon of Tahiti during a simple baptism a few years ago, and having found it absolutely fabulous and exciting, I decided, overnight, to make it my full-time job. !

Diving has radically changed my life for the better!


I had the opportunity to travel to several countries, in Europe and the Caribbean, to gain teaching experience in multiple diving conditions, and to meet new friends.

I continued to develop new teaching skills.

All this was not easy, since I had to move from country to country for several years.


Today I want to share my experience and my passion with you in order to save you time and offer you all the advice through personalized follow-up, to make you good divers, from discover scdiving and accompanying you up to the professional levels, all while combining pleasure, comfort and safety!


See you soon at Saphir diving!

Courses and support in English


S27982 Cert.jpg


Saphir Plongée is an Official Padi center,

managed by an independent Padi instructor and state graduate,

which offers quality lessons in small groups or private individual lessons, all over the Côte d'Azur!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In an eco-responsible approach to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism, by pooling equipment, I welcome you to existing partner structures in order to reduce the impact of ship navigation on our aquatic environment!

avis de plongeurs

Why the Sapphire ?

The word sapphire would come from the Hebrew sappir, which means "the most beautiful thing"

Of sapphire, the Hebrews said it is the most beautiful of things. From light blue to deep black, it covers the entire range of blues and purples. It has the color of the light of the sky, that of the deep ocean or that of unfathomable chasms. It is “the gaze of the Virgin Mary” of which it is the emblem and wants to be chastely worn. The blue sapphires having the colors of the depths of the deepest oceans with a shimmer and a light present are the most valuable gems today.


Sapphire is said to have virtues both physically and spiritually.

It would strengthen eyesight, fight fever and stop nosebleeds if applied to the forehead. It would have a beneficial action on the hair, the skin and the nails, fighting against baldness for example.
It would help to treat problems of nervous origin, rheumatism, gout, joint pain.
From a psychic point of view, it symbolizes honesty, truth, loyalty

As is the case with all the most famous gemstones, there is mention of blue sapphire in mythological and religious accounts. ! The Persians believed that the blue of the sky was due to the reflections of the sapphire, and there are references to sapphire even in the bible

pourquoi saphir
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