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Divemaster cours

Become a Divemaster!

First professional level sought in diving!



The PADI Divemaster course teaches you to become a leader and take charge of diving activities.

During theory sessions, aquatic proficiency exercises, workshops and practical application assessment, you develop the techniques to organize and lead a variety of diving activities. Topics and practical workshops include:

- Role and characteristics of the PADI Divemaster.

- Supervision of general diving activities and assistant during training.

- Divers safety and risk management.

- Programs led by a Divemaster and specialized activities.

- Diving business and your diving career.

- Knowledge of the diving environment.

- Prepare and manage a dive. Map a dive site in a natural environment.

- Lead dive briefings.

- Organize a research and recovery project and a deep dive.

- Lead a ReActivate refresher program and a Skin Diver free diving course.

- Act as an assistant during Discover Scuba Diving programs and lead Discover Local Diving programs.


During your Divemaster training, your instructor may also offer you the PADI Specialties in PADI Deep Diver and Search and Recovery Search and Recovery Diver, to help you meet all requirements and expand your abilities. You can get college credit for the Divemaster course - ask your instructor for details.


As a professional diver, you'll want to have your own basic scuba gear, including a dive computer, dive knife, and at least two surface signaling systems. During practical application exercises, such as underwater mapping and object search and recovery, you will use a compass, floats, marker buoys, lifting parachutes and slates. Your PADI Instructor can suggest additional equipment that will help you throughout your diving career.


Study by reading the Divemaster Manual and watch the Divemaster Video (kit including a book and DVD). Go through your instructor to sign up for the course and get your Divemaster Crew-Pak kit, which also includes other educational products - like the PADI Instructor Manual and the Recreational Diving Encyclopedia; The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving - which you will need during the course.

An elearning option exists in addition to the mandatory crewpack above, in English only, offered at 199 euros

Age Requirement-FR
18 years and over

Course prerequisites
Rescue Diver, 40 dives recorded at the start of the course and 60 at the end,

CPR and first aid certificate within 24 months (EFR), medical authorization to dive

Time commitment
About 50 hours, or about 10 days

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