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The Padi courses offered

Each diving course is composed of a theoretical part offered in eLearning and a practical part in the water, at the end of which you obtain a globally recognized certification!
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Start the dive

1/2 day

Your first diving experience, which will transform your life! Make your first bubbles and discover a world you never knew!

Familiarize yourself with the equipment with a monitor just for you,  

​ The DSD is a thorough initiation to scuba diving so that you no longer have any doubts and jump in the deep end!

Accessible from 10 years old


3 to 10 days

The courses of the French federation ffessm are also offered to you:

- level 1 diver supervised at 20 meters (PE20),

- level 2: PA20 + PE40

- level 3 PA40, PE60, PA60


3-4 days

The most famous diving certificate in the world!

Get your PADI scuba diving certificate. If you've always wanted to learn to dive, experience new adventures, or simply discover the wonders under the waves, this is where it all starts! 

first level of autonomy up to 18  meters 


1/2 day to 2 days

Children's programs,  accessible  from 8 years old, allow  your  very young children to discover the diving activity in complete safety in 2  meters  maximum water, at sea or in swimming pools

Bubble maker and Seal Team

Important Note: For all diving training, (except baptism)  a medical certificate less than one year of non-contraindication to scuba diving is mandatory in France. 

YOU  can download a template here to have it completed by your GP or sports doctor.


Vos cours de niveau débutant scuba diver, open water sont couverts gratuitement par DAN durant toute la durée de votre formation, jusqu'à l'obtention de votre certification !

Pour les cours de formation continue, vous avez la possibilité de vous assurer pendant votre formation pour seulement 19 euros ! Pensez à le demander à votre moniteur au moment de la réservation de votre cours et au plus tard la veille du 1er cours pratique !



  • Centrale d’alarme et gestion des urgences médicales 24 h/24 et 7 j/7

  • Traitement médical d’urgence dans le monde entier, thérapie hyperbare et hospitalisation incluses (30 000,00 €)

  • Évacuation médicale d’urgence

  • Recherche et sauvetage des plongeurs perdus (2 500,00 €)

  • Jusqu'à l'obtention du brevet de plongée

  • Plongez l'esprit tranquille !

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2-3 days

Continue your adventure with the course  Adventure in diving and advanced open water with themed discovery dives, to explore all the  possibilities and learn to dive in depth up to 30 meters and to orient yourself well underwater.

Lots of other themes to discover

Adventure diver in 3 dives

Advanced Open Water in 5 dives


3-4 days 

Become a Rescue diver by learning the actions that will allow you to help your partner in case of difficulties. This rewarding course can help you by adopting good reflexes that will also serve you outside of diving!

You must hold an EFR first aid certificate of less than two years (or equivalent)  to validate this course


1 to 2 days

22  diving specialties to become more comfortable in a particular area, ranging from equipment management, depth, night, dry suit, diving theory and diving with oxygen enriched air or Nitrox

All the specialties offered on the page:


1/2 day 

You do not have  dived for a long time?

Are you planning a diving trip soon?

This very complete diving course is made for you!

Review the theory in eLearning, the techniques of Diving in the water, to make your next dives a real pleasure!


1 day

no dive course

First aid training encompasses adults, children and infants, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and first aid skills, and incorporates automatic external defibrillator (AED) training and emergency oxygen use.

This course will serve you in diving and in everyday life!

Become a Pro

2-3 weeks

First professional level of the Padi instructor course, as a divemaster you will become a dive guide, learn to manage a group of divers, prepare the necessary equipment for your clients and judge good diving conditions,

You will be a valuable collaborator of the instructor, assisting him during lessons with the students.


2 weeks (IDC + IE)

Become a diving instructor !!

"As a PADI Professional, I have the opportunity to see:

• Fear turns into courage.

• Passivity turn into prowess.

• Shyness turn into self-confidence.

• Anticipation turn into passion

"We make a living by what we receive, but we make it happen by what we give."  

  Winston Churchill

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