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Padi ReActivate Program

Haven't you soaked the fins for a long time?

A diving trip planned soon ?

This program is made for you !!

Intended for all divers from all diving organizations !

This program provides an enjoyable, prescriptive refresher in basic knowledge of the principles and procedures of scuba diving. It includes a review of diving techniques, which you will practice with your PADI Professional .

Using eLearning is simple and intuitive. Here are some guidelines to help you understand the course content:


20 Sections:


There are 20 main sections, each starting with Scenario One which describes a realistic diving situation. The scenario helps you remember and apply in an integrated way what you know and what you want to review - just as you would when you actually dive. Therefore, most scenarios address different aspects of diving knowledge.


After each scenario, you will have to answer several questions. Read all the answers and choose the best one from the ones offered.


If you answer all of the questions correctly, you will have the option of continuing to the next section, or reviewing the additional background information for more details.


Although you have remembered the key concepts, it is highly recommended that you take a moment to review everything. It's not very long, and you'll be surprised at how much useful information you'll find, besides some new concepts that may have changed since your last dives. Also, check if you answered the questions correctly, but were not sure of their answer, or if you just guessed it.


If you incorrectly answer one or more of the questions, continue to review the basics in the section before continuing.


At the end of each Review, take the Self-Assessment Questionnaire to check your learning.


Then you go to Scenario Two, presenting a different situation that applies the same basic principles. Answer the associated questions to complete the section.


ReActivate Quick Review


To complete your knowledge update, you will be prompted to answer the 20 questions in the ReActivate Quick Review. You must score at least 75% to be successful. Review any questions that you have answered incorrectly to make sure you understand the information. If your mark is less than 75%, you must retake the Quick Review until you achieve a satisfactory mark.




Review of diving techniques


After completing all sections, move on to the Review of Diving Techniques section, which reviews the fundamental key exercises. You are reminded of the purpose and key points of each exercise, then you can watch a video demonstrating the technique.

You will then practice these techniques in the water with your instructor !!

At the end of the course you will receive a Reactivate recognition card regardless of your home diving organization , Padi to the other certification body.


Prerequisites : hold a minimum beginner scuba diver's certificate or equivalent


Course content

Section One - Diving from a boat

Section Two - Diving Breathing

Section Three - Avoiding Boat Traffic

Section Four - First Dive in a New Region

Section Five - The Decision to Dive

Section Six - Staying Warm

Section Seven - Boat Diving in the Current

Section Eight - Diving with Computers

Section Nine - Guidelines for the Use of Dive Computers

Section Ten - Preparation for Diving

Section Eleven - Separation of pairs

Section Twelve - Interacting with Aquatic Life

Section Thirteen - Unresponsive Diver

Section Fourteen - Computer Problems

Section Fifteen - Post Dive Pain

Section Sixteen - Between Dives

Section Seventeen - Returning Home After Vacation

Section Eighteen - Avoiding and Managing Problems
Section Nineteen - Diving, Health and Fitness

Section Twenty - Dive Deeper

Review of diving techniques


If you are certified Nitrox Reviews on

Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)


If you are not yet Nitrox certified, now is the time to get started! See the specialties page


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