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made in italy

All equipment for freediving and spearfishing

SINCE 1971

Seac, leader in the scuba diving sector, is an Italian company with a worldwide presence.
Here design, innovation and technology combine with respect for tradition and Italian quality.
The brand's commitments:

Seac aims higher and higher, thanks to its staff of experts, engineers and designers, who take care, at the Italian headquarters, to design, improve and perfect the smallest details, using technological instruments of before -keep.

The attention to technical components is combined with that given to the aesthetic element, which gives each piece, thanks to the work of experienced hands, a unique Italian touch.


Each product that bears the Seac name has been created with the utmost care in every phase, from design, through production and assembly, to the finished equipment, which is tested piece by piece. part and subjected to strict quality controls according to European standards.

Safety and careful manual control of each part is a constant commitment.


The care of the relationship with the customers is a fundamental value for Seac.
The company is made up of people who try to meet every demand with the same level of attention that they dedicate to production.
This is why Seac guarantees a series of efficient and professional after-sales services.

For all these reasons, Saphir Plongée has chosen to join forces with SEAC to offer you selected products from the collection with the best value for money on the market and modern and colorful designs.

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Masques apnee

Description :

Model: single lens with wide field of view.

Frame: polycarbonate with chromed metal screw seats and stainless steel screws.

Skirt: flexible silicone in different thicknesses, with large textured surfaces.

Areas in contact with the face created to achieve a perfect fit.

Strap: liquid silicone.

Lens: ultra clear tempered optical glass, 3mm thick.

Packaging: rigid tissue box with carabiner.

Other features: transparent Comfort silicone skirt.

Self-positioning buckle with 3D swivel system

Anti-fog biofuel offered 15ml (market value 10 €)



Model: double tempered glass lens .

Frame: plastic

Skirt: soft silicone

Strap: silicone

Lens: ultra clear tempered glass, 3mm thick.

Packaging: rigid plastic box.

Other characteristics: possibility of adapting corrective lenses: contact us

Variation: ONE PRO with support for GoPro camera: colors: black or blue; Price: 49 Euros

tubas apnee

Model: transparent or black silicone snorkel with Dry Top system and purge valve •

Mouthpiece: body in two-tone polycarbonate, mouthpiece in liquid silicone •

Tube: plastic material with corrugated liquid silicone tube.

-Black +: black, aquamarine, metallic blue, red, orange, pink, yellow

-Transparent +: aquamarine, blue, white, yellow, pink