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Bubble maker enfant saphir plongee

Bubble Maker, from 8 to 10 years old

The Bubble Maker program


What could be more wonderful than seeing the smile of your child who has just come out of a first dive and asks you "mum, dad, can I come back tomorrow?"

It does not have a price!


Accessible from 8 years old, in water not exceeding 2 meters deep, in swimming pools or in a natural environment, the bubblemaker program will amaze your child for sure.


optional: He can leave with his bubblemaker diver's kit including his participant's certificate, his first dive log, a sticker and tattoo, a water toy and a beach towel (the images around illustrate the contents of the bubblemaker kit ( on order when booking the session, contact me)

The Seal Team program,

in the pool,

from 8 years old


Seal Team enfant piscine saphir plongee

Accessible from 8 years old, and practiced only in swimming pools, the Seam Team program is broken down into five aquamissions in swimming pools at a depth not exceeding 4 meters (2m for the 1st aquamission, 4m max for the rest of the aquamissions).

These aquamissions take place in the form of fun exercises leaving room for the imagination of children, like a game with a mission to fulfill: very fun!


A complete program allowing to tackle the junior open water course from the age of 10, in a reassuring way, the children having already approached the main exercises required of the open water course

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