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We present to you the most complete full-face diving mask range in the world.

Patented and tested EN 136 / EN250 to guarantee maximum safety and maximum enjoyment


An exclusive clip system that is easy to put on and take off for more user comfort and safety!



In SEAC® laboratories, batches of full face masks are tested with Ansti machines, to specifically measure the dynamic performance of human respiration, and with exclusive SEAC® material, to check the levels of CO2 in the inspired air through these masks.
SEAC® has designed a series of specific tests that respect the values set out by European regulations


Finding the right mask size is a snap!

Just measure the distance between the eyes and the chin.


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L-XL: Blue / orange; Black / orange; Black / green

SM: White / pink; Blue / orange; Black / orange

XS-S (+8 years): White / pink; Blue / orange; Black / orange

LIBERA: The top of the range

- The evolution of full face masks for snorkeling. Natural breathing through the mouth and nose, with the lowest respiratory effort in its class.

- Fully separate circuits for fresh air (IN) and exhaled air (OUT). The exhaled air is expelled by a patented SEAC circuit.

- Anti-fog system guaranteed by the continuous flow of incoming air. - Non-return valves with a larger section, allowing effortless exhalation and efficient expulsion of the remaining CO2. - The reduced internal volume offers an even wider field of vision, and optimization of residual CO2.

- A large anatomical skirt in hypoallergenic liquid silicone, whose profile is designed to adapt to all face shapes, guarantees the best seal, the greatest security and perfect comfort.

- The snorkel has a Dry Top end to prevent water from entering the tube.

- An efficient water drainage system uses a drain valve at the bottom.

- Silicone strap with co-molded colored insert. The strap can be adjusted in two ways, on the front and on its lower part.


- Quick release buckles, allowing the strap to be released instantly: a big plus for safety!


- Available in size L / XL, S / M dedicated to thinner faces and XS / S dedicated to boys (8+).

The top of the full-face line from SEAC:
4 colors and 3 sizes (L / XL adult - S / M adult - XS / S 8+ years).

V olume internal reduced - Hypoallergenic silicone skirt.
Upper and lower adjustment of the silicone strap and quick release button.

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L-XL: White / blue; Black / orange; Black / green

SM: White / pink; White / Blue; Black / orange

FUN XS-S (+8 years): White / pink; White / Blue ; Black / orange

JUNIOR (+6 years): Blue / orange; White / pink; black / green


best price

- Magica is the full face snorkeling mask designed and manufactured by SEAC®. It allows you to explore the world below the surface of the water, breathing naturally through your nose and mouth.

- The exhaled air is evacuated by an exclusive patented system, located at the front of the mask, which allows an effortless exhalation, and which eliminates the noise which would make the purge valves. A system of separate ducts for incoming and outgoing air prevents misting of the window.

- The snorkel has a Dry Top end to prevent water from entering the tube. Panoramic view, with a 180 ° field of vision - Soft and ergonomic skirt made of thermoplastic elastomer, combined with a durable polycarbonate rim.

- A comfortable and flexible attachment strap keeps this full face mask in place on your face.

- An efficient evacuation system is based on a purge valve in the lower part of the skirt.


Available in size L / XL, S / M and Magica XS / S Fun (8+) and Magica Junior dedicated to children (+6).

The full-face mask from SEAC at the most competitive price:
10 colors and 4 sizes (L / XL adult - S / M adult - XS / S 8+ years - JUNIOR 6+ years).

Adjustable strap in elastic fabric -

New generation ergonomic thermoplastic elastomer skirt.


As an option for each model, the GoPro camera support to be easily attached to the mask and to be able to show those around you the wonderful multicolored fish that you observed and filmed during your aquatic escapades!

Price: € 6.90 uros

(available in each drop-down menu to add to cart)


Seac Speed ​​full-length fins are flexible and ideal for surface use when snorkeling.

Compact, they are easy to take everywhere!

5 colors available:

blue, white, yellow, black and blue-white

Sizes from 26 to 47

suitable for the whole family!

Les palmes Seac AZZURRA chaussantes sont la nouveauté de cette saison 2022


Souples et idéales pour un usage de surface en randonnée palmée, poussée nette même lors des sessions de natation en mer !

Finition en caoutchouc à l'extrémité des voilures 


4 couleurs disponibles:bleu turquoise, blanc, vert, noir et roses


Tailles du 32 au 47 adaptées pour toute la famille !


Snorkeling  packs

Be ready to explore


savings !!

pack masque facial + palmes au choix:

- Adulte: LIBERA + Speed ou Azzurra

- Enfant MAGICA + Speed ou Azzurra

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Gamme SENSE long et court

Seac Sense Long est la combinaison ultra-confortable ET Ultrastretch, idéale pour les sports nautiques en eaux tempérées (20 ° C à 30 ° C).

Cette combinaison est en néoprène super élastique de 3 mm et comporte un insert pectorale de protection en PU et des inserts en néoprène Smooth Skin Smooth au niveau de la nuque et des bras pour un effet AquaStop. Idéal non seulement pour la plongée sous-marine et la natation, mais aussi pour tous les autres sports nautiques (surf, planche à voile, ski nautique, sup ...). Seac Sense Long est facile à porter grâce à la fermeture à glissière au dos dotée d'une lanière à l'arrière. Il est disponible dans les versions homme et femme, avec une coupe préformée.

Le modèle Lady s'habille du XS au XXL.

Le modèle Homme s'habille du S au XXXXL.


Seac Sense Long est également disponible en version shorty avec néoprène de 2,5 mm.

  • Combinaison humide en néoprène de 3 mm, idéale pour la plongée, l' apnée, la natation en mer et autres sports nautiques dans les eaux tempérées

  • Néoprène super élastique de nouvelle génération pour un habillement très rapide et un bon ajoustement sur le corps. Haute liberté de mouvements

  • Coutures très bas en Flat Lock qui garantie aucun frottement avec la peau

  • Fermature à l'arrière avec zip en acier inoxydable et long cordon pour un habillage pratique et rapide

  • Tailles à partir de la XS jusqu'à la XXXXL